Our Mission

Santa Barbara Brain Fitness’ mission is to offer state of the art neurofeedback and biofeedback to the community. We work with children, young adults, adults, and senior citizens to improve sleep, attention, concentration, focus, clarity of thought, memory, motivation, behavior, and mood.  While our method primarily concentrates on the use of technology, we also offer behavioral counseling and coaching strategies for lifestyle changes.  We started Santa Barbara Brain Fitness in 2014 after it became clear that combining neuromodulation technologies were producing power effects and improving the wellbeing of our clients.

Dan Staso, PhD

Dr. Staso wrote his doctoral thesis on biofeedback and was introduced to neurofeedback in 1983 by the late Margaret Ayers.  He earned an MA from UCSB and PhD in psychology from Alliant University.  He mentors have been Margaret Ayers, Paul Swingle, Elmer Green, Joel Lubar, Nancy White, Bob Thatcher, and Nick Dogris.

Dr. Staso has over 8000 hours of direct experience in neurofeedback.  He has owned and operated over 8 neurofeedback systems, including Neuropathways, Thought Technology Biograph,  Cygnet, Q20 QEEG, LORETA Z score, NeuroField, Peak Achievement Trainer, Neuro Gen, nirHEG, pirHEG, Roshi II+ with Bioexplorer, and NeurOptimal.

He has taught at different colleges and completed 300 hours in post doctoral training in psychopharmacology.  He is Board Certified in Neurofeedback (BCIA).  In addition, he has over 30 years in practicing psychotherapy utilizing Cognitive Behavior Therapy and EMDR.



Free Consultation

We offer a free initial 25 minute consultation.